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There’s so many girls trying to look innocent all the time, but that is just a pretense. If you could see what they do at home, you might be surprised. Oh, wait! You can see them. It’s because we have their pictures and videos! All gathered from all kinds of sources. Ex-boyfriends trying to get their payback. Proud BF’s who just want to show the whole world, what kind of horny chick are they dating. Lost and recovered phones make a nice treasure of dirty pictures too. And hacking to a girls facebook account reveals amazing stuff too. Join us and you’ll see just how much shy GF’s really are. You’ll love it!

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It’s insane how many girls have lesbian experiences. So it makes no surprise that we’d find many of these pictures and cool videos on recovered phones and hacked online accounts. Because of girls like these, it’s a real fun hunting for more awesome materials. You should try it too. Or just take the shortcut, join us and we’ll take care of the hard work for you, leaving only entertainment!

Shy girlfriend – part 1

Watching these pictures, I get confused sometimes. These chicks obviously want to show off, yet they act shy at the same time. And that makes it hard to understand. Especially when they have such a great young bodies, pretty tits and juicy pussies. I wish I had one of these lying on my bed right now – she would get a proper ramming straight away. And how about you – feel the same way?

Shy GF – part 2

Take a good, long, hard look at these pictures. Makes you hard somewhere down there? That’s only natural, when watching such hot and shy girlfriends in action. Makes you just want to fuck them where they stand (or kneel). Check them out and enjoy!

Shy girlfriend – part 3

These girls maybe amateurs in taking pictures and making movies, but they sure know how to please a guy. How better to spend a day, than to fuck their brains out? It’s good for us they have such a sharing boyfriends, who don’t mind showing us, what these pretty teens are willing to do!

Shy GF – part 4

Our site became quite famous among amateurs over the time. We get new pictures and videos every day both from proud boyfriends and even from horny girls themselves. Join us and you too can enjoy our ever growing archive starring only amateur girls in wild action. These chicks are what every men desires – regular girl next door, who love to fuck!

Shy girlfriend – part 5